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Version: 8.1

Historian in Vision

The Tag Historian is a powerful system that can easily be set up to store Tag data to a database to be accessed at a later time. The Vision system has many components that are designed to easily pull the information out of the database and display it, most commonly in chart format.

The Easy Chart

The most popular Vision component that trends historical data would be the Easy Chart. This component is simple to initially configure and contains many ways to customize the look and behavior of the chart. The Easy Chart also features a customizer that enables you to change the many different settings of the component.

The Classic Chart

The Classic Chart pulls in data from the Tag History system and can display it in a variety of ways. While not as simple to get started with as the Easy Chart, the Classic Chart provides the unique ability to trend data that isn't based on a timestamp, but instead something like a category.

The Sparkline Chart

The Sparkline Chart is a simple chart that strives for minimalism rather than many fancy settings. Even with its simplicity, it remains a powerful tool. For example, the Sparkline Chart works great when used in High Performance HMI environments, where muted colors and lines are used to help draw the users attention to the places that matter.

The Status Chart

The Status Chart displays discrete data over a period of time. This provides a great way of displaying status information for various machines. It can also accept data in both wide and tall format, making it easy to use with any type of stored historical data.