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Version: 8.1

Common Tasks in Vision

This section contains examples for items we've identified as "common" tasks: undertakings that many users are looking to utilize when first starting out with a specific module or feature in Ignition . Additionally, this section aims to demystify some of the more complex or abstract tasks that our users may encounter.

The examples in this section are self-contained explanations that may touch upon many other areas of Ignition. While they are typically focused on a single goal or end result, they can easily be expanded or modified after the fact. In essence, they serve as a great starting point for users new to Ignition, as well as experienced users that need to get acquainted with a new or unfamiliar feature.

Below is a list of common tasks related to this section of the manual.

Component Animation

Creating animation within a Vision project. The Component Animation page walks through the different ways to animate graphics on a window. The different methods vary in complexity and offer different solutions for different needs.

Custom Input Template

Creating a simple template that can be used many times to create simple user input fields. The Custom Input Template is relatively simple to put together, but can be a powerful tool that can quickly build out screens that are heavy on user input.

Client Tags for Indirection

Vision Client Tags can be used as a variable across all windows to indirectly point to a set of Tags, such as an area of the plant. For example, setting up Client Tags for Indirection can enable the user to choose an area of the plant from a Dropdown List component, and have Ignition display the correct windows for that area.

High Performance HMI Techniques

Using techniques that relay information more quickly than standard a P&ID display. High Performance HMI Techniques help create simpler screens that have much less noise and useless "fluff" that takes up screen space. The suggestions and examples help guide better practices to increase efficiency and performance across any industry.

Open Dynamic Windows on Startup

It can sometimes be necessary to Open Dynamic Windows on Startup, so that certain users see one set of windows while other users with potentially different privileges sees a different set. While it is easy to set a window to open on startup, that same window will always open for anybody that logs in to the project. By using scripting with the Client Event Startup Script, you can customize which windows get opened based on any criteria.

Tank Cutaways

The Tank Cutaways in Symbol Factory may seem like just a random shape, but they can be used to remove parts of other SVG diagrams to create a way to "look inside" the tank or other machine and view information like how much material is available.