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Version: 8.1

Cloud Connector Modules

Cloud Connector modules offer extended functionality to Ignition Cloud Edition and standard Ignition. Similar to regular Ignition modules such as Perspective or SQL Bridge, Cloud Connector modules can be installed to new or configured instances of Ignition, and will integrate seamlessly with other Cloud Edition modules and existing Ignition modules.

Cloud Connectors

Cloud Connectors come bundled with Ignition Cloud Edition and are by design, intended for use in cloud environments. However, standard Ignition can still utilize the features of Cloud Connectors. Each Cloud Connector has a primary purpose, such as connecting to NoSQL databases using the MongoDB connector.

Cloud Connector ModuleDescription
MongoDBConfigure connections from Ignition to MongoDB databases. Update, insert, delete, and take aggregates of documents or list collections and connector information using included system functions. Pull information from databases to display on Perspective components using MongoDB Perspective bindings.