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Version: 8.1

Connections - Store & Forward

Store & Forward

The Store and Forward page displays a list of the Store and Forward engines, including their status, as well as the number of records currently in each Store and Forward system. If the database connection becomes faulted, the database records wait in the Store and Forward system until the database connection is restored.

Gateway Webpage - Store and Forward Section

Store & Forward Page

The main Store and Forward page lists out all store and forward engines. Typically, each database connection gets its own store and forward engine, so there should be one engine for each database connection. In addition to displaying some basic stats for each engine, you can also find some totals for all store and forward systems, to get an idea of how much data is being pushed through the system to databases and if any records are being dropped.

Store and Forward Connections

Aggregate ThroughputAggregate number of records inserted into a database from any Store and Forward engine per second.
Total QuarantineNumber of quarantined items for all Store and Forward engines.
Total DroppedNumber of records dropped from the Store and Forward engines. A record is considered dropped if it can not be added to one of the buffers, (i.e., when a buffer is full and the Store and Forward engine can no longer accept new records).

Store and Forward Engines

NameName of the Store and Forward engine.
Store ThroughputNumber of records that go through the Store and Forward Engine per second.
Forward ThroughputNumber of records to be forwarded on to the database per second.
QuarantinedIs data that has erred-out multiple times during attempts to forward it, or data that could not be stored because of some configuration issues.
ActivityCurrent state of the Store and Forward engine.
ActionsBy clicking Details, shows additional information about Store and Forward engines.

Store and Forward Page

Store and Forward Details

Clicking the Details button brings up a new window that will show even more details about the records in the selected Store and Forward Engine. Here, we can see a count of the number of records in the memory buffer and local cache, as well as the number of quarantined records. The quarantined items at the bottom of the Details page will have some buttons that allow you to control the data that is in the quarantine. The quarantined item can be retried, where it will be thrown back through the Store and Forward system to see if it will go through properly, assuming the original reason why it was quarantined has been fixed. It can also be deleted so that it is no longer taking up space in the Store and Forward system, or exported to your local machine where you can save it to try again later. You can then import the file back from the same page when you resolved the issue that caused the data to be quarantined in the first place.

Memory BufferNumber of records entering the Memory Buffer per second. The progress bar shows the percent of the buffer being utilized, along with the current and max number of records.
Local CacheNumber of records entering the Local Cache per second. An "Idle" state means the engine is able to successfully store all records into the database before the Write Size or Write Time values have been reached. The progress bar shows the percent of the buffer being utilized, along with the current and max number of records.
Note: On Edge Gateways, the meter for the local cache represents the rows stored within the Edge Historian database. This value will update when pruning is triggered by Edge's one week storage policy or when storing 10 million data points.
Database StorageDisplays the number of records pushed from either buffer to the database per second.
Quarantined ItemsShows a list of quarantine items and allows you to choose the quarantined file and import it.
IDIdentification number of the quarantine item.
CountNumber of occurrences for the quarantined item.
DescriptionDescription of where the quarantine item originated from.
ReasonExplanation why the record was placed into quarantine.
ActionsProvides and opportunity to retry, delete, or export the items from quarantine.

Store and Forward Details