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Version: 8.1

Connections - Perspective Sessions

Perspective Sessions

Much like the Designers page, the Perspective Sessions page shows a ton of information regarding currently open Sessions. All the open Perspective Sessions are displayed on the page along with some basic information about each session, such as what user is logged into each session and the project they are currently working on, and their IP address. Each session has a Details button that allows you navigate all the elements of a session: pages, view instances, and components.

Gateway Webpage - Perspective Sessions Section

Perspective Sessions Page

The main Perspective Sessions page displays a list of all currently running Designer and Client Sessions to show how many are open, and the name of the users that are currently using them. By clicking on the Details button to the right of a session will display even more information about that particular session, including any Log Activity pertaining to errors recorded while the session was active.

Session Details

Total SessionsThe number of currently active Designer and Perspective Sessions.
DeviceType of device running the Session.
UserThe user logged into the Session.
ProjectThe name of the project open in the Session.
UptimeThe total uptime of the Session.
Last Comm.Date and time recorded for the last communication with the Session.
AddressThe IP Address and computer name where the Session is launched.
Session ScopeIndicates what browser opened the Session, and the Perspective icon indicates the Designer is open.
New in 8.1.23

More > Terminate: Allows users to terminate the session. Note the Terminate option is not available for any Designer Perspective sessions and is only visible for other session scopes if the user has Config-level permissions.
Details: Accesses a new Perspective Sessions page that displays performance stats, pages information, session details, and log activity.

Perspective Sessions Page

Perspective Session Details

The Performance Page within the session displays more in depth information such as the Page Id and how many views are on each Page. Hit the Details button to get more detailed information about each page in the session.


Total ViewsThe number of currently active pages.
Total Bytes SentDisplays total number of bytes sent out.


IdPage Id.
ViewsDisplays total number of views on a page.
ActionsDisplays the details of the view instances in the session.

Log Activity

Min levelDropdown menu with options Info, Debug, and Trace.
Live ValuesToggle switch to turn live values on or off.
Merge to LogsMerge the settings of the current view with the main Diagnostics Log Viewer.
LoggerName of the logger that describes the context of the message.
TimeTime of log.
MessageMessage for the log.
Log Properties (Log Properties)Displays log properties of the logged event.

Perspective Session Details

View Instances

The View Instances page shows the number of View Instances on a Page and the number of Components in each view instance. Press the Details button next to each View Instance to get even more information about the type of components used in each view.

Sessions Details

InstanceIDDisplays View Instances for each view.
ComponentsTotal number of components used in the specified view.
ActionsBy clicking on the Details button, shows more information for each view instance.

View Instances


The Components page lists all the components used in a View Instance of Page along with the following information about each component.

NameName of the component.
AddressPathAddress of the component.
BindingsDisplays the number of bindings for each component.
ChildrenDisplays the number of children for each component.
PropertiesDisplays the number of properties for each component.
PropertyChangeScriptsDisplays the number of property change scripts for each component
ActionsDisplays the number of actions for each component.