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Version: 8.1

Connections - Databases

The Databases page shows a list of configured databases, and if they have a valid connection or not. Clicking on the Details button to the right of a connection will either show the full error if the connection is faulted, or it will bring you to a Details page for that database connection. On the Details page, you can easily see any active queries, long running queries, the number of queries a second that are running, as well as a trend showing the percentage of queries that completed in that time.

Gateway Webpage Databases

Databases Page

The main database page contains some useful information about all of your database connections.

Valid ConnectionsNumber of valid connections.
Total ThroughputNumber of queries and their statuses.
NameName of the query.
DriverName of the driver.
StatusCurrent status of the database connection.

Gateway Webpage Databases Page

Database Connection Details

The Details page for an individual connection provides more in depth information for that particular database connection.

Database Stats - Stats About the Database Connection

ConnectionsNumber of database connections out of configured databases.
Queries/SecNumber of queries running per second along with a trend showing the percentage of queries that completed in that time.

Active Queries - A List of Currently Active Queries

QueryCurrently running queries.
StartedWhen the query was started.
ActionsThe ability to cancel a query.

Longest Recent Queries - A List of the Longest Running Queries

QueryDisplays the actual query.
DurationAmount of time the query ran.
StartedWhen the query started running.

Gateway Webpage Connections - Databases