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Version: 8.1

Connections - Gateway Network

The Gateway Network Status page is designed to give a quick overview of the status of all Gateways within the Gateway Network. If a Gateway connection is faulted, the status message in red can be selected to see the error that pertains to why it is faulted. Any Gateway connections with a status of 'Connected' can be drilled into by clicking the Details button to the right. On the Details page, metrics for the selected Gateway connection are displayed, giving an idea of the rate of data transfer between the two Gateways, as well as a list of recent connection events.

This page gives a general overview of the Connections - Gateway Network webpage. See the Gateway Network Connection Details page for more in-depth information.

New in 8.1.25
The Gateway Network Status page also has a tab which visualizes data about your Gateway Network. See the Gateway Network Diagram page for more information.

Connection - Gateway Network

Gateway Network Page

The main Gateway Network page displays a list of all current Gateway Network connections both incoming and outgoing, as well a list of all Remote Gateways that the Local Gateway can see both from its Gateway Network connections and through proxy connections. Each list has some basic information along with the ability to see more details on a specific Gateway Network connection or a Remote Gateway.

Gateway Network Connections

Remote GatewayName of the Remote Gateway connection.
DirectionThe direction of the Gateway Network connection. Can either be Incoming or Outgoing.
Redundancy RoleThe redundancy role of the Gateway. Can either be Independent, Backup, or Master.
Last CommThe time of the last communication with the Gateway.
Ping TimeReaction time of Gateway connection. How fast you get a response after you've sent out a request.
StatusCurrent state of the Gateway Network Connection.
Fault CountNumber of times the connection has faulted since the Gateway has been started.

Remote Gateways

Gateway NameName of the Remote Gateway.
Outgoing Msg/SecThe number of outgoing messages per second.
Incoming Msg/SecThe number of incoming messages per second.
PendingNumber of messages pending in a queue that are waiting to be dispatched to the Gateway Network connection.
Connected ThroughHow the Gateway is connected to the Remote Gateway.
StatusCurrent state of the Remote Gateway Connection.

Gateway Network Page