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Version: 8.1

Perspective - Tag Browse Tree

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New in 8.1.16

The Tag Browse Tree component displays a tree hierarchy based on an array of objects. Icons can be chosen for the nodes of the tree, and different icons can be used when an node is expanded or collapsed.


Most Properties have binding options. For more information on Bindings, see Types of Bindings in Perspective. This section only documents the Props Category of properties. The other Categories are described on the Perspective Component Properties page.

NameDescriptionProperty Type
rootConfiguration for the path from which the displaying folder/Tag structure will start.
  • path: String value representing the "starting path" from which the Tag structure will begin displaying. Value is string.
  • object
    New in 8.1.32
    Tree filtering configuration.
  • enabled: Enables the visibility of the filter. Value is boolean.
  • text: The filter text. Value is string.
  • object
    selectionConfiguration for the selected Tag.
  • mode: Mode used when selecting Tags. Choose between single to limit selection to only one Tag, or multiple to allow selection of multiple Tags at once. Value is string.
  • values: List of the selected Tag paths in the order in which selection occurred. Value is an array.
  • object
    displayDisplay settings for the component.
  • refreshIcon: Display settings for the refresh icon.
    • visible: Visibility setting for the refresh icon.Value is boolean.
    • path: Path to the icon used to represent the "refresh" action. Value is string.
    • style: Sets a style for the refresh icon. Full menu of style options is available. You can also specify a style class.
    styleSets a style for this component. Full menu of style options is available for text, background, margin and padding, border, shape and miscellaneous. You can also specify a style class.object


    See the Perspective - Tag Browse Tree Scripting page for the full list of scripting functions available for this component.


    selection.values.0_Generic Simulator_/_Controls_/Base Rate
    selection.values.1_Generic Simulator_/_Controls_/Program Counter
    selection.values.2_Generic Simulator_/_Controls_/Reset