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Version: 8.1

Tag Editor

Changed in 8.1.17
In 8.1.17, the Tag Editor was redesigned to improve usability. The new Tag Editor now requires fewer clicks and keeps relevant tag information visible while modifying bindings, alarms, and event scripts. Additional improvements include the following:

  • Only expression bindings now require opening the dialog to change. Tag and Parameter bindings can be edited in-line within the tag editor and are not shortened.
  • Sorting in UDT Editor now sorts folders first, then tags.
  • Users can add tags in the UDT Editor without having to click the root of the UDT/folder.
  • UDT Parameters now show when they are overridden.
  • The Tag Editor uses the entire width allowed to display content.
  • UDT properties are added in-line to bindings now rather than clearing out the content.
  • Property values are now all left-aligned.
  • The Expression editor now accepts drag and drops from the UDT Editor or Tag Browser.

Changed in 8.1.34
In 8.1.34, Tag Diagnostics data was removed from the Tag Editor and now is displayed in its own window. Pages detailing features of the previous Tag Editor can be found in Deprecated Ignition Features.

The Tag Editor is a robust interface that contains all the properties that can be configured for Tags. In the Tag Editor, you set the Tag's name, value, numeric and meta data properties, security, alarming, history, and more. For information an explanation on all possible tag configurations, see Tag Properties.

Diagnostics, Documentation, and Refresh icons are included on the upper right-hand side of the Tag Editor to access more tag information:

  • The Diagnostics icon opens the Tag Diagnostics window.
  • The Documentation icon displays a Documentation pane at the bottom of the Tag Editor.
  • The Refresh icon refreshes the editor with the current definition of the tag from the Gateway.