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Version: 8.1

Perspective - Simple Gauge

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The Simple Gauge component in Perspective provides a way to show realtime values in a range as they change. This gauge is a less complicated version of the Gauge component. It has just one axis, is easy to configure and is customizable in its appearance.

New in 8.1.2

The Simple Gauge component has three pre-configured variants:

  • Half Circle - Default layout with a half-circle gauge.
  • 3/4 Circle - Layout with a 3/4 circle gauge.
  • Full Axis - Layout with a full axis gauge.


Most Properties have binding options. For more information on Bindings, see Types of Bindings in Perspective. This section only documents the Props Category of properties. The other Categories are described on the Perspective Component Properties page.

NameDescriptionPropterty Type
valueNumeric value for the gauge to display. Default is 0.value: numeric
minValueMinimum gauge value for this gauge. Default is 0.value: numeric
maxValueMaximum gauge value for this gauge. Default is 100.value: numeric
startAngleRadial position for the start of the gauge's arc. Default is 180.value: numeric
endAngleRadial position for the end of the gauge's arc. Default is 360.value: numeric
arcThe arc is a radial band that displays the gauge's value.
  • width: Width of the line (in pixels) that represents the arc. Default is 20. Value is numeric.
  • color: Color of the arc line showing the gauge's value. Can be chosen from color wheel, chosen from color palette, or entered as RGB or HSL value. See Color Selector.
  • cornerRadius: Amount to round the edges of the arc. Default is 0. Value is numeric.
  • object
    arcBackgroundBackground or 'track' for the gauge arc. Shows shape and total potential value behind the arc.
  • color: Color of the arc background. Can be chosen from color wheel, chosen from color palette, or entered as RGB or HSL value.
  • opacity: Opacity of the arc. 0 is fully transparent, 1 is fully opaque. Value is numeric.
  • value: numeric
    labelThe label for the gauge is displayed as text, with optional units.
  • visible: Indicates whether or not the label is visible. Default is true (visible). Value is boolean.
  • size: Font size to display label text. Default is 25. Value is numeric.
  • offsetX: Offset position on the x axis, relative to the middle of the gauge. Value is numeric.
  • offsetY: Offset position on the y axis, relative to the middle of the gauge. Value is numeric.
  • color: Color of the label.
  • units: Any unit information to append to the value on the label. Value is string.
  • maxDecimal: Maximum number of digits after decimal to display in the label. If null, full value will display. Value is numeric.
  • object
    animateWhether needle should be animated in a sweeping motion when value changes. Default is false.value: boolean
    styleSets a style for this gauge. Full menu of style options is available for text, background, margin and padding, border, shape and miscellaneous. You can also specify a style class.object

    Component Events

    The Perspective Event Types Reference page describes all the possible component event types for Perspective components. Not all component events support each Perspective component. The Component Events and Actions page shows how to configure events and actions on a Perspective component. Component scripting is handled separately and can be accessed from the Component menubar or by right clicking on the component.


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