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Version: 8.1

Connecting to IBM DB2

IBM DB2 Connection Requirements

In order to connect Ignition to IBM DB2 you must have a Translator, a Driver, and a Database Connection.

The Translator and Driver only need to be configured once. You can make as many connections as you want to any compatible IBM DB2 database.

Connect to IBM DB2

  1. On the Gateway Webpage, go to the Config section.

  2. Scroll down to Databases > Connections.

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  3. The Database Connections page is displayed. Click on Create new Database Connection....

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  4. Select IBM DB2 JDBC Driver, and click Next.

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    For more information, see JDBC Drivers and Translators for instructions on obtaining the requisite JAR file, and then follow the steps for Upgrading a JDBC Driver before continuing with these instructions.

  5. On the New Database Connection page, enter the following information:

    • Name: IBM_DB2

    • Connect URL: jdbc:db2://localhost:25000/SAMPLE


      If on Db2 Version 11.5.5 and older, the default port number is 50000. If on Db2 Version 11.5.6 and newer, the default port number is 25000.

    • Username: your_username

    • Password: your_password

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  6. At the bottom of the form, click on Create New Database Connection.
    Your connection is now created. The Database Connections page is displayed and will show the status of Reconnecting, then Valid.

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  1. To display the details about the status of your database connection, see the Note on the above window and click on the Database Connection Status link.

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Troubleshooting Tools

IBM DOC - Troubleshooting Tools

Installation Issues

DB2 installation fails to create instance and DAS: IBM DOC - DB2 installation fails to create instance and DAS

Other Issues

Error CodeError DescriptionResources
SQL30081NVarious TCP/IP communication errors. Each error has its own definition and action plan.SQL30081N TCP/IP communication errors
SQL1092N“USERID does not have the authority to perform the requested command or operation”SQL1092N Error

JDBC Drivers and Translators

In some cases, you may need to add your own JDBC Driver, or configure a Translator. More information on configuring these can be found on the JDBC Drivers and Translators page. However, you may need to check the JDBC driver's documentation for information on how to configure them.