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Version: 8.1

Vision Module

HMI/SCADA Visualization

Get Realtime and Historical Data on Control Screens

The Vision module delivers a dynamic, powerful, and beautiful HMI experience unlike any other. Display realtime and historical data on everything from status and control screens to interactive charts and tables so you can analyze data at a glance and quickly act on it. Since all clients are connected to a central server, everyone in your company will stay up to date and can easily access the realtime data they need.

You’ll never be limited by how many Clients (runtimes) or screens you can use because the Ignition Vision module includes unlimited clients per central server. Every member of your company can have insight into operations at no additional cost.

Realtime Status and Control

Ignition’s realtime status and control functionality, coupled with advanced analytic capabilities provided by Ignition’s SQL database integration, gives you the power to quickly analyze and easily display the status of your facility.


Set up screens to display realtime alarms from Ignition's Alarming system, so your operations team can respond quickly to resolve the issue.

Analyze Realtime and Historical Data

Included customizable charts, tables and graphs display your real-time and historical data, making at a glance analysis easy. You’ll be able to quickly set up executive dashboards, track key performance indicators (KPIs), and view trends.

Database Front-End

Easily integrate data from SQL databases with your SCADA system. Data entered by operators can be written directly to any database. The powerful property binding system makes it easy to display information from databases on any screen.

Designer Included

Clients are configured through the included Ignition Designer. Drag-and-drop configuration makes screen development intuitive; simply drag Tags and drop them onto components to instantly bind data to inputs, displays, tables, charts, and more.

Vector-Based 2D Drawing Tools

Create distinctive screen designs and layouts with shape-building tools for lines, polygons, rectangles, arrows, and circles. Vector graphics let you create precision shapes and Bézier curves that look great on any size monitor; shapes scale to any size without losing image quality.

Image Library

The designer integrates Symbol Factory 2.5 from Software Toolbox. The intuitive interface allows you to browse and search through nearly 4,000 high quality vector graphics symbols. Once you find the symbol you're looking for, simply drag-and-drop it onto your design window to use it right away.

Easily Create Animations

State dependant settings and dynamic positioning lets you bind shape properties to data values so you can easily create animations.

Speed Development With Templates

Develop large projects at record speeds by using component templates. Instances of each template can be placed on as many screens as you want. Any changes made to the template are automatically updated to any instance of that component, saving a huge amount of tedious development time.

Python Scripting

Advanced functionality can be achieved using the built-in Python scripting engine. Python is an extremely popular, powerful, and easy to learn scripting language. Python is highly regarded for its readability, making your projects easy to maintain.

Secured Via SSL

Every client you launch from the Vision module is secured using SSL protocols. In order to keep your data secure, authentication groups can be used to strictly limit access to certain areas of a project to only the users with appropriate access levels.

Unlimited Clients and Instant Deployment

With the Ignition Vision module installed on your server, you can launch as many clients as you want, instantly. No individual client install required.

Update All Screens With One Click

With Ignition, managing five clients is just as easy as managing 50. All clients can be updated instantly by making changes to the master project screen on your server, and then clicking the publish button.

View Anywhere, Any Time

View your HMI/SCADA system from anywhere, any time, on any machine. Ignition uses your computer's web browser to launch rich Java applications – not thin web pages – which are fast and cross-platform, making accessibility easy for anyone on your network.

Looking for Less?

Some systems only require a handful of clients at any given time. In cases like these the limited version of Vision is a perfect fit. It contains all the functionality of the full version, but at a greatly reduced cost. Contact our Sales department for more details.

Want to Learn More?

For more information on the Vision module, please see the Vision section of this user manual.