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Version: 8.1

Support, Feedback, and Resources

Support Team

Can't find it here? Go to the Support homepage for one-on-one help from our support team.

Long-Term Support (LTS)

At Inductive Automation, we are constantly improving our software, both in features, functionality and reliability. We provide Long-Term Support (LTS) for certain versions of the Ignition software for a period of time from the date of its original release.

The table below shows the original release dates, LTS status, and end date of Active support status.

VersionDate ReleasedIs LTSDate Active Support Expires
8.1Nov-02-2020YesNov 2025
8.0Apr-08-2019NoNov 2020
7.9Dec-12-2016YesJune 2022
7.8Oct-15-2015NoDec 2016
7.7Jul-16-2014YesJul 2019
7.6May-7-2013NoJul 2014
7.5Jun-14-2012YesJun 2017
7.4Mar-29-2012NoJun 2012
7.3Oct-5-2011YesOct 2016

To learn more about our product support in detail, refer to our Support Policy.

Comments, Feedback, or Ideas?

We encourage your feedback on both the Ignition Software and Ignition User Manual. We strive to keep in step with our community and grow the software to meet your needs. If you have something you think we should add or improve, let us know!

Feedback on the User Manual

We encourage you to give us feedback on the Ignition User Manual as this will help us improve the documentation over time. You can email us at

Feedback on the Ignition Software

How can we improve Ignition? Our goal is to provide you a powerful yet easy-to-use SCADA/HMI software that does everything you need. Let us hear from you on our features and ideas page. We love to hear any ideas you have so we can continue to improve Ignition.

Feedback on the Inductive University

Do you have a question about any of our videos? You can email for answers or suggestions on new videos and improvements.

Other Feedback

Do you have something else to tell us? Not sure where to send it? You can send an email to us at, and we will get you pointed in the right direction