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Version: 8.1

OPC UA Module

Cross-Platform OPC UA Functionality

The Ignition OPC UA module offers OPC UA server functionality with a variety of device drivers and a robust, open driver API.

OPC UA Server Functionality

This module turns Ignition into an OPC UA server, capable of handling connections from any OPC UA compatible client. Outgoing connections can also be made to 3rd-party OPC UA servers. In this way Ignition functions as both an OPC UA server and an OPC UA client.

Built-in Device Drivers

The OPC UA module offers a number of device drivers for common protocols out of the box, and is easily expandable thanks to the hot-swappable module architecture in Ignition. New drivers can be downloaded and installed in minutes without requiring a system restart or otherwise affecting other parts of the Ignition platform.

Redundancy Support

The OPC UA module ties into the Ignition redundancy in order to provide efficient access to device data along with failover redundancy, with no additional configuration.

Public Driver API

Anyone can create new drivers thanks to the open driver API, and users can download and install drivers created by other developers. This is the first time such an API has been made publicly available for a product like Ignition. For more information about creating drivers for Ignition, visit the Inductive Automation website.

Driver Modules

Drivers for the OPC UA module are deployed as modules themselves. While they don't add a visible element to the system, they are loaded and upgraded in the same manner as other Ignition modules. A list of available drivers can be found on the Driver Modules page.

Ready to Get Started?

Documentation on the OPC UA module can be found in the OPC UA and Device Connections page.