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Version: 8.1

Perspective Module

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The Demo Project uses the Perspective Module to show many key features of Ignition. Go to the Demo Page

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What is Ignition?

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Mobile Responsive Design

The Perspective module raises the bar for visualizing your control applications in Ignition. Not only does it leverage the popular standard HTML5/CSS3 technology for its UI layer, but it also allows users to see and control their application on any device, from a small smartphone to an oversized desktop, in an optimized format. HTML5/CSS3 allows screens to display gracefully on any device, regardless of size or scale. Multi-touch responsiveness allows for greater flexibility of use than ever before. The Perspective module marks the beginning of truly mobile-optimized, touch-responsive, easily accessible applications for monitoring, control, analysis and data gathering in industrial systems.

Perspective Mobile

Device Compatibility

The Perspective module creates applications that are compatible with any device, including all mobile touchscreen devices like smartphones and tablets, and any desktop running any current web browser, on any major operating system: Windows, macOS, and Linux, iOS, and Android.

Run as a Native App

Run your Perspective Sessions in a web browser or in a native App on your device. Apps can be downloaded on Android or iOS devices and allow you to natively run a Perspective session on your phone or tablet. This gives you the ability to use more of your device, like using the camera to scan barcodes or the built-in GPS to verify a location.

Responsive Design

Applications designed with the Perspective module respond to changes in screen size and orientation, and scale elegantly when launched on any size mobile multi-touch device. Perspective provides several container types for maximum design flexibility, each of which employs a different layout technique. Designers can compose these container types together, providing a very flexible system that can handle any kind of responsive design.

Designed for Touch

Perspective employs multi-touch technology, making it possible to work with TouchPad and touch-screen interfaces found on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. This allows users to work with familiar tools for panning, zooming, scrolling and more.

CSS and Themes

The Perspective module takes advantage of its roots in web technology to give you easy to configure themes and styles using familiar CSS settings. Configure a few themes, use them throughout your projects, and swap between them however you'd like. It's easy to let your users change text, and colors whenever they like.

Security via SSL

Clients launched from the Perspective module are secured using cutting-edge encrypting technologies and communications protocols to provide the most secure web-based data transfer. It also has strongly enforced “guest mode” access to prevent against unauthorized writes on the Gateway.