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Version: 8.1

Additional Modules

Enhance Ignition's capabilities beyond traditional SCADA and HMI limits. These additional modules provide Ignition with even more functionality. Take your project to the next level with these powerful modules.

Voice Notification

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Enable both alarm notification and acknowledgement via a phone call.


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Integrate Ignition with Classic COM-based OPC Servers.

OPC COM Tunneller

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Exposes OPC servers accessed through the OPC-COM module to Ignition's OPC-UA server, allowing you to easily expose tags from a DA server to any UA server.

Web Browser

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View web pages directly from Ignition clients.


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Adds platform-level serial comm support and serial-specific scripting functions.

Twilio Alarm Notification

Adds integration with Twilio via an SMS Alarm Notification Profile and scripting functions to send SMS.


Communicates with semiconductor fab equipment.