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Version: 8.1

Installing IBM DB2

You need to install IBM DB2 Community Edition before you connect to the database.

To Download IBM DB2 Community Edition

  1. Go to the Db2 Download page and sign in with your IBM credentials.

  2. Download the IBM® Db2 11.5 Edition for your Operating System.

  3. Log on to your system using a local administrator account.

  4. Locate the file that you downloaded and extract it to your desired location.

  5. In the extracted folder, right-click on the setup.exe file and select Run as administrator.

  6. Click Install a Product

  7. Scroll down to the end of the Db2 Version Server Editions section and click Install New, then click Next to begin the installation process.

  8. Review and accept the software license agreement and click Next.

  9. Select the Typical Installation option and then click Next.

  10. Select Install Db2 Server Edition on this computer and save my settings in a response file and click Next.

  11. Set your installation path and click Next.

  12. Set your DB2 copy name and click Next.

  13. Select Local user or Domain user account and enter your user credentials.

  14. Select DB2 as the default instance and click Next.

  15. Uncheck the Set up your DB2 server to send notifications checkbox and click Next.

  16. Select the Enable operating system security checkbox and click Next.

  17. Click Finish to finalize your installation.


    For detailed instructions, refer to the links below:

    Installing the Db2 server by using the Db2 Setup wizard (Windows)

    Installing the Db2 server by using the Db2 Setup wizard (Linux and UNIX)

    Downloading and Installing Docker Editions

    The links above are for the IBM DB2 Database version 11.5. You can change the instruction version by using the drop-down list located on the top left side

After you have successfully installed IBM DB2, you will need to create a database.

Creating a database in Windows

  1. Open Command Prompt with Administrator privileges.

  2. Type db2cmd (This will open the DB2 Command Line Tool)

  3. Type db2 (This will open the Command Line Processor for DB2 Client)

  4. To create a database: CREATE DATABASE database_name

IBM Documentation on Creating Databases: