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Version: 8.1

Registering Voice Alarm Module to CUCM

Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) is a communication system, that can work in tandem with Ignition's Voice Notification module. This page demonstrates how to register the Voice Notification module with CUCM.

Registering Guide to CUCM

To register Ignition, you will need to create a third-party Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) device. Do not register Ignition via SIP trunk. Also note if you have created an SIP trunk already to your Ignition server, you will have a conflict with your third-party SIP device not registering to Ignition.

  1. In CUCM, Under User Management, select End User then click Add New.

  2. Create a user with digest credentials.


    Use the extension as the username. Ignition will not register to third-party SIP if you are using regular characters.

  3. Under Device, select Phone. Click Add New.

  4. Select Third-party SIP Device (Basic) as your phone type.

  5. For phone configuration, configure everything as usual. For the digest user, use the end user you created at the start.


    You do not need an actual Mac address, you can use 000000000000. Also you do not need an owner user ID. You would only need a digest user to register Ignition to CUCM.

  6. For line configuration, configure how you would usually configure a line.


    You do not need a user associated to the line.

CUCM and Redundancy Considerations

CUCM is not able to handle two concurrent connections to the same phone type device using the same username/password combinations. Due to this limitation, redundant Ignition Gateways will fail to send voice notifications if both Master and Backup servers are simultaneously trying to connect to the same CUCM phone device. To get around this problem, create two users and two phone devices CUCM side. On your Ignition Master Gateway, create two Voice Notification Profiles. One Notification Profile will be bound to the Master's IP address and be configured to point to one CUCM phone device using one set of user credentials. The second Notification Profile will be bound to the Backup's IP address and be configured to point to the second CUCM phone device using the second set of user credentials. This will provide a Voice Notification Profile that will only work on your Master Gateway and another that will only work on your Backup Gateway. Your Alarm Pipelines must then include additional logic to switch between Voice Notification Profiles, or Notification Blocks, depending on which redundant node is active.