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Version: 8.1

On-Call Rosters

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On-Call Rosters

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The On-Call Roster lets you create user groups to be notified when an alarm occurs. Each group includes a list of users in a specific order. Alarm pipeline's notification blocks must choose an on-call roster which identifies the users to notify for that notification block. When notifications are sent out by a pipeline, all users on the roster will be notified, save for those that are off shift (see schedules).

On-Call Rosters are statically defined, in that they can't be modified from a pipeline. However a calculated roster can be created on demand on a Notification block.

Create and Manage an On-Call Roster

  1. Go to the Config section of the Gateway Webpage.

  2. Scroll down to Alarming > On-Call Rosters.

  3. Click on Create new On-Call Roster.

  4. On the New On-Call Roster, enter a Name, and click Create New On-Call Roster.

  5. Now back on the On-Call Rosters page, click on the More button, and select manage from the dropdown list to the right of the roster name.

  6. The Manage Roster page is displayed. Here you can add one or all users from a source list, and put them in any order you wish. You can also remove users from the On-Call Roster.

  7. Click on Save.

Manage the Roster from the Client

Roster management also can take place from within a Vision Client.

  1. Open your project in the Designer and navigate to a window the client has access to. If this is a new window, you will have to add it to your navigation.

  2. From the Component Palette, drag and drop a Roster Management component in your design window.

  3. If you have more than one user source, go to the Property Editor and enter the one you want to be used by the roster in the User Source property.

  4. Save your project.

  5. To interact with the roster, either launch your Vision Client or put your Designer into Preview mode.

  6. To edit the roster, double-click any where on the roster or click the Edit icon in the upper right.

  7. On the Edit Roster screen, you can add an available user to the On-Call Roster, by selecting the user and clicking the Add User icon. Alternatively you can add all users by clicking the Add All Users icon.

  8. To delete a user from the roster, select the user and click the Delete icon.

For additional information, see the Vision - Roster Management component.