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Version: 8.1

Email Alarm Acknowledgement

Email Alarm Acknowledgement allows operators to acknowledge alarms via a link that is included directly in the email alarm notification. The email alarm acknowledgement process a simple two-step process:

  • The operator receives an email in their inbox alerting them to an alarm(s).
  • The link in the email directs the operator to a landing page describing the alarm(s) where the operator can add notes and acknowledge the alarm(s).

Once you have an Email Notification Profile created in Ignition, operators can be notified when alarms occur and acknowledge alarms via email. In order to acknowledge alarms in an email, the Two-way Enable option must be set to 'true' in the Email Notification Profile.


This page assumes an Email Notification Profile, an On-Call Roster containing users with valid email addresses who will be receiving and acknowledging alarms, and an Alarm Notification Pipeline are configured, including assigning the alarm to a pipeline.

Using Email Alarm Acknowledgement

Acknowledging an alarm in an email is super simple.

  1. Open the the alarm notification email message, and click the link.

  2. A new window opens describing the alarm. This example shows one email for one alarm.

  3. If notes are required as in the following example, enter notes about the alarm.

  4. Click the Acknowledge button.

  5. If notification consolidation is configured, you can limit the number of email notifications that will be sent, thus, consolidating multiple alarms into one email for operators to acknowledge.

Using Email Acknowledgement with POP3

When using POP3, you can reply back to the alarm event in order to acknowledge the event. To do this, reply back using the syntax Pop3AckId:<systemId>:<ackId> in the body, replacing systemID and ackID with the appropriate information. This should be done even in an empty reply.


If you are not receiving any email alarm notifications, check Status > Logs for any error messages. If you are getting errors saying emails are "unreachable," then check your Email Notification Profile.

If you run into any issues acknowledging email alarms, contact the Support department.