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Version: 8.1


This function is used in Python Scripting.


Displays a modal on-screen numeric keypad, allowing for arbitrary numeric entry using the mouse, or a finger on a touch screen monitor. Returns the number that the user entered.

Client Permission Restrictions

This scripting function has no Client Permission restrictions.


system.gui.showNumericKeypad(initialValue, [fontSize], [usePasswordMode])


NumberinitialValueThe value to start the on-screen keypad with.
IntegerfontSizeThe font size to display in the keypad. [optional]
BooleanusePasswordModeIf True, display a * for each digit. [optional]


Number - The value that was entered in the keypad.


Vision Client

Code Examples

Example #1
# This function is a holdover for backwards compatibility. Input components now know when the Client is in Touch Screen mode and respond accordingly. 
# This script would go in the MouseClicked or MousePressed action of a Text field or Numeric Text field.

# For Integer Numeric Text field:
if system.gui.isTouchscreenModeEnabled():
event.source.intValue = system.gui.showNumericKeypad(event.source.intValue)

# For Double Numeric Text field:
if system.gui.isTouchscreenModeEnabled():
event.source.doubleValue = system.gui.showNumericKeypad(event.source.doubleValue)

# For Text field:
# Notice the str() and int() functions used to convert the text to a number and
# vice versa.
# str() and int() are built-in Jython functions
if system.gui.isTouchscreenModeEnabled():
event.source.text = str(system.gui.showNumericKeypad(int(event.source.text)))


system gui showNumericKeypad, gui.showNumericKeypad