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Version: 8.1


This function is used in Python Scripting.


Converts a pair of coordinates that are relative to the upper-left corner of a component to be relative to the upper-left corner of the entire screen.

Client Permission Restrictions

This scripting function has no Client Permission restrictions.


system.gui.convertPointToScreen(x, y, event)


IntegerxThe X-coordinate, relative to the component that fired the event.
IntegeryThe Y-coordinate, relative to the component that fired the event.
EventObjecteventAn event object for a component event.


Tuple - A tuple of (x,y) in screen coordinates.


Vision Client

Code Example

Code Snippet - Getting Location of Mouse Click
# This example gets the coordinates where the mouse is (from the corner of the monitor) and displays them in a label.
# Get the screen coordinates of the pointer and write them to a label.
# For this example, the code was placed on the root container of a window under the mouseClicked event handler.

coords = system.gui.convertPointToScreen(event.x, event.y, event)
event.source.getComponent('Label').text = "x: %s y: %s" %(coords[0], coords[1])


system gui convertPointToScreen, gui.convertPointToScreen