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Version: 8.1



The following functions use system.dnp3 and the Legacy DNP3 driver. See for DNP3 functions using the DNP3 driver.

DNP3 Functions

The following functions give you access to interact with the DNP3 devices.


  • system.dnp3.NUL = 0
  • system.dnp3.PULSE_ON = 1
  • system.dnp3.PULSE_OFF = 2
  • system.dnp3.LATCH_ON = 3
  • system.dnp3.LATCH_OFF = 4
  • system.dnp3.CLOSE = 1
  • system.dnp3.TRIP = 2

Status Codes

Many of the dnp3 functions return a status code. Those codes and their meaning are listed below.

Code NumberIdentifier NameDescription
0SUCCESSRequest accepted, initiated, or queued.
1TIMEOUTRequest no accepted because the operate message was received after the arm timer timed out. The arm timer was started when the select operation for the same point was received.
2NO_SELECTRequest no accepted because no previous matching select request exists. (An operate message was sent to activate an output that was not previously armed with a matching select message).
3FORMAT_ERRORRequest not accepted because there were formatting errors in the control request (either select, operate, or direct operate).
4NOT_SUPPORTEDRequest not accepted because a control operation is not supported for this point.
5ALREADY_ACTIVERequest not accepted, because the control queue is full or the point is already active.
6HARDWARE_ERRORRequest not accepted because of control hardware problems.
7LOCALRequest not accepted because Local/Remote switch is in Local position.
8TOO_MANY_OBJSRequest not accepted because too many objects appeared in the same request.
9NOT_AUTHORIZEDRequest not accepted because of insufficient authorization.
10AUTOMATION_INHIBITRequest not accepted because it was prevented or inhibited by a local automation process.
11PROCESSING_LIMITEDRequest not accepted because the device cannot process any more activities than are presently in progress.
12OUT_OF_RANGERequest not accepted because the value is outside the acceptable range permitted for this point.
13 to 125RESERVEDReserved for future use.
126NON_PARTICIPATINGSent in request messages indicating that the outstation will not issue or perform the control operation.
127UNDEFINEDRequest not accepted because of some other undefined reason.