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Version: 8.1

Perspective - Split Container

New in 8.1.18

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The Split container holds two children separated by a draggable "split" that allows the user to resize the two children during the runtime. The Split container supports both horizontal and vertical layouts.


Most Properties have binding options. For more information on Bindings, see Types of Bindings in Perspective. This section only documents the Props Category of properties. The other Categories are described on the Perspective Component Properties page.

PropertyDescriptionProperty Type
orientationThe orientation in which the container's split is fixed. Horizontal will allow the user to adjust the container from left to right, while Vertical will allow the user to adjust it from top to bottom.value: numeric
splitConfiguration for the split bar.
  • position: Bidirectionally represents the position of the split bar. Numeric values here will be used as pixels, numeric or string property type.
  • size: The size of the split bar in pixels, numeric property type.
  • visible: Determines if the split bar should be visible, boolean property type.
  • draggable: Determines if the split bar should be draggable, boolean property type.
  • object
    styleUse Style to customize the visual style of the component. The Style menu contains all the tools for modifying text, background, margins, and borders. You can also specify a style class.object

    Child Component Position Properties

    When a component is placed inside of a Split container, it will inherit the position property listed below.

    PropertyDescriptionData Type
    positionIndicates which side of the split bar the child component is located on. Expected values include "left", "right", "top", and "bottom"value: string


    See the Perspective - Split Container Scripting page for the full list of scripting functions available for this component.