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Version: 7.9

4. Connect to a Database

After you install your database, you can connect it to Ignition. To get detailed descriptions for a number of different database connections, see Connecting to Databases.

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Connect to MySQL

  1. Log into the Configure section of the Gateway Webpage just like in the previous sections.

  2. Navigate to the Databases Connections page.

  3. Click the Create new Database Connection... link.

  4. Select the MySQL ConnectorJ option and click the Next > button.

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  5. Enter a Name, Connect URL, username, and password. If you just installed MySQL on the same machine as Ignition you will be able to use the following credentials:

    Name: MySQL

    Connect URL: jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/test

    Username: root

    Password: [whatever password you entered when installing MySQL]

    Scroll to the bottom and click the Create new Database Connection button.

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Learn more about Database Connections