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Version: 7.9

Notification Profile Types

Once you have alarms configured in Ignition, you can notify people when alarms occur. Ignition provides three Notification Profile Types:  Email, SMS or text message, and Voice through a phone call in Ignition. All three of these notification profiles can be configured to be two-way which can be acknowledged via email, or by text message, or by pressing 1 on the phone. Here is a brief description of each Notification Profile Type: 

  • Email Notification Profile - simply sends an email containing the alarm notification message. The two-way sends an email containing links that allow the user to acknowledge the alarm.
  • SMS Notification Profile - sends a text message to users notifying them of an alarm, and a link to acknowledge the alarm.
  • Voice Notification Profile - delivers alarm notifications to users via telephone. Acknowledgement is provided as a voice instruction as part of the call.

Details on how to create and configure each of these profiles are found on the following sub-pages.

Module Requirements

Each Notification Profile requires the Alarm Notification Module. This is because Notification Pipelines are managed and defined by the Alarm Notification Module. The SMS Notification Module and Voice Notification Module are similar in concept to browser plug-ins in that they extend the functionality of another piece of software. The SMS Notification and Voice Notification are both separate modules, and can be downloaded from the Ignition Downloads webpage. To learn more about installing these modules, refer to Installing or Upgrading a Module.

Additional Requirements

Each Alarm Notification Profile needs a method to deliver the message. These methods are not included with the Alarm Notification Module, and some may require additional hardware to be purchased.

  • Email Notification - The Gateway will need network access to an SMTP server.
  • SMS Notification - A cellular modem with an active SIM card. Alternatively, a Twilio account may be used instead of the physical cellular modem.
  • Voice Notification - Any SIP compatible phone system.