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Version: 7.9

Pipeline - Notification Block Consolidation

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Pipeline - Notification Block Consolidation

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How Consolidation Works

Notification consolidation allows you to limit the number of notifications sent by specifying a delay during which incoming events will be collected. When the delay expires, all events that have arrived during the period of time will be sent together to the notification profile.

Pipeline Consolidation Tab.png


Once an alarm enters the Notification block in this pipeline, it will wait for Delay number of seconds (in this case 15 seconds) before sending the alarm. If additional alarms enter this notification block, it will send using the Consolidated Message/Subject from the Notification tab depending on your notification type.

Once an alarm has been sent, whether it was a consolidated notification or not, this Notification Block will wait for Frequency number of seconds (in this case 60 seconds) before it can send another email.

Note, that Consolidation only effects this pipeline. Any notification blocks in other pipelines will not be effected.