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Version: 8.1


This function is used in Python Scripting.


Triggers a login event that will allow the user to log in with the project's configured Identity Provider (IdP). For this function to work, an IdP must be set in Perspective Project properties. This is particularly useful when you want it to be possible to start a session without authentication and sign in to access certain restricted features.

Note that calling this function after a user is already logged in will not log out the previous user.


Be advised that this function should not be used in the same script, or in the same triggering event as system.perspective.logout. Logging in and Logging out should always be triggered by separate events.


system.perspective.login([sessionId], [pageId], [forceAuth])


StringsessionIdIdentifier of the Session to target. If omitted, the current Session will be used automatically. When targeting a different session, then the pageId parameter must be included in the call. [optional]
StringpageIdIdentifier of the Page to target. If omitted, the current Page will be used automatically. [optional]
BooleanforceAuthDetermines if Ignition should ask the IdP to re-authenticate the user, even if the user is already signed into the IdP. If set to true, then the IdP will ask the user to re-enter their credentials. If set to false, then the Gateway will request that the IdP use the last provided credentials for the Session, potentially allowing re-authentication without requiring the user to re-type their credentials. Note that support for this argument is determined by the IdP; the IdP may choose to ignore this request. If this parameter is omitted, then the function will use the re-authentication setting defined under Project properties. [optional]




Gateway, Perspective Session


This function will only work in the Gateway scope if both sessionId and pageId are supplied to the call.

Code Examples

Force Authentication
# When forceAuth is True, the user will always be required to type in their credentials, even if they're already logged in.


system perspective login, perspective.login