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Version: 8.1


This function is used in Python Scripting.


Navigate the session to a specified view or mounted page.

The function can be used in three different ways, depending on which parameter is specified:

  • page: Navigates to a Perspective page.
  • url: Navigates to a web address, so the function can be used to navigate the user to a web portal, search engine, or other website. This parameter is specified via keyword argument.
  • view: Navigates to a view. Note that using this parameter does not modify the web browser's address bar, so the browser's history will not contain a listing for the new view. This parameter is specified via keyword argument.

This function supports most common protocols, so it can be used to perform tasks like initiating a call (tel:), text (sms:), or email (mailto:) from Perspective.



This function accepts keyword arguments.

system.perspective.navigate(page, [url], [view], [params], [sessionId], [pageId], [newTab])


StringpageThe URL of a Perspective page to navigate to. The path can include an optional leading slash: "new-page" and "/new-page" both result cause the session to navigate to the "new-page" page. See Page URLs.
StringurlThe URL of a web address to navigate to. If the page or view parameters are specified, then this parameter is ignored. [optional]
StringviewIf specified, will navigate to a specific view. Navigating to a view with this parameter does not change the address in the web browser. Thus the web browser's back button will not be able to return the user to the previous view. If the page parameter is specified, then this parameter is ignored. [optional]
Dictionary[String, String]paramsUsed only in conjunction with the view parameter, Dictionary of values to pass to any parameters on the view. [optional]
StringsessionIdIdentifier of the Session to target. If omitted, the current Session will be used automatically. When targeting a different session, then the pageId parameter must be included in the call. [optional]
StringpageIdIdentifier of the page to target. If omitted, the current page will be used automatically. [optional]
New in 8.1.5
If True, opens the contents in a new tab. [optional]




Gateway, Perspective Session


This function will only work in the Gateway scope if both sessionId and pageId are supplied to the call.

Code Examples

Code Snippet - Page
# Navigating to a perspective page. The 'page' parameter doesn't require the use of a keyword argument.
Code Snippet - Web Address

# Navigating to a web address. Note that we're using a keyword argument here.
# web addresses must use a scheme (like 'http://') at the beginning
system.perspective.navigate(url = '')

# Navigating to a perspective page with url parameters.
Code Snippet - Notifications
# Initiating a call.
system.perspective.navigate(url= "tel:+1999-999-9999")

# Initiating a text with message contents.
system.perspective.navigate(url= "sms:+1-999-999-9999?&body=My%20Message")

# Initiating an email.
system.perspective.navigate(url= "")

Code Snippet - View
# Navigating to a new view. Again, we need to use a keyword argument. We are passing in two parameters, called "myParam" and "myParam2".
system.perspective.navigate(view = 'folder/myView', params = {'myParam':1,'myParam2':'Test'})


system perspective navigate, perspective.navigate