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Version: 8.1

Edge Panel

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Changed in 8.1.33

In addition to local visualization functionality, the Edge Panel product now comprises of everything in Ignition Edge IIoT, including Compute, Sync Services, and EAM features. Users with an existing Ignition Edge license and Upgrade Protection may have upgrades available, contact your account representative for more information.

Ignition Edge Panel enables standalone HMI functionality for one local client and one remote client at the edge of the network. Ignition Edge Panel gives you a choice between the Vision or Perspective modules. You can switch between the two visualization modules by modifying the Visualization Module setting on the Edge Gateway.

In addition to the Vision and Perspective modules, an Edge Panel license includes the Web Browser module (may require manual installation). and Symbol Factory library of images. During the trial period, Ignition Edge Panel is available to use but is limited to a resettable two-hour trial window.

Visualization Module

An Edge Gateway with the Panel product can launch either Perspective sessions or Vision clients, but not both. Ignition Edge Panel comes standard with the Ignition Designer.

Licensed Edge Gateways that don’t have the product will refuse to launch either runtime. In addition, switching visualization to one module will fault the other, preventing the Designer from accessing resources to the faulted module (may require a Designer restart).

By default, the visualization module is Vision. To change the visualization module:

  1. On the Edge Gateway go to Config > Gateway Settings.

  2. Scroll down to the Edge Settings section.

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  3. Under Visualization Module, click the Expand " " arrow then select the visualization module you want (Vision or Perspective).

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  4. Click Save Changes.

Running Vision on Panel

When the visualization module is set to Vision, only two clients are allowed:

  • One local client that must run on the same system as the Edge Gateway
  • One remote client that can be launched elsewhere on the network.

Running Perspective on Panel

When the visualization module is set to Perspective, only two sessions are allowed. Both sessions can run on remote systems simultaneously.