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Version: 8.1


New in 8.1.25

This function is used in Python Scripting.


This function returns a list of report control names and their attributes contained in the configured IEC 61850 device.

Check Parameter, Control Interlock, and Synchrocheck

The Check parameter is of critical importance for safety. Inside the Intelligent Electronic Device (IED) itself, there are logical nodes for interlocking and synchronizing, named Control Interlock (CILO) and Synchrocheck (RSYN). If the Check parameter is 00, the IED will ignore CILO and RSYN and execute the command even if there is an interlock activated or the grid is not synchronized with the generator speed. The results of not knowing this can be catastrophic for a high voltage substation. It is crucial for an integrator to be aware of this.

Client Permission Restrictions

This scripting function has no Client Permission restrictions.




StringdeviceNameThe name of the configured IEC 61850 device.


List[PyDictionary] - A list of PyDictionaries, where each dictionary contains the following keys:

  • name: Displays the logical device pathname.
  • ctlModel: The type of control model defined by a the attribute value.
    • 0: Status-only
    • 1: Direct-with-normal-security
    • 2: SBO-with-normal-security
    • 3: Direct-with-enhanced-security
    • 4: SBO-with-enhanced-security
  • T: The time stamp of the control object when the client issues the request.
  • Check: Specifies the kind of check the control object performs, if any, before any control operation. This parameter may involve interlock and synchronizing logic, such as Control Interlock (CILO) and Synchrocheck (RSYN), to ensure safe operation.
  • ctlNumb: Displays the data object status change sequence number.
  • orCat: Specifies the category of the origin request.
  • orIdent: Displays the identification of the sender, if known.
  • Test: Indicates the send is for test purposes only when true.


Gateway, Perspective Session

Code Examples

Example #1 - Retrieving Report Control Objects
# This example prints the control names and corresponding param values on the IEC 61850 device.
# Declare results variable using the system function and print

results = system.iec61850.getControlParams("IEC61850")


iec61850 getControlParams system iec61850.getControlParams