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Version: 8.1


New in 8.1.25

This function is used in Python Scripting.


Cancels the selection of an SBO type control on a configured IEC 61850 device to prevent the operate command from performing.

Cancel Function

The Cancel function will clear a selection of a Select Before Operate (SBO) type control if an operate command is not desired to be executed on the selected control. This function can be used as a safety measure to prevent unintended operations. Always ensure that the Check parameter is properly set and understood before using this function, as it can influence the behavior of the Control Interlock (CILO) and Synchrocheck (RSYN) logical nodes in the Intelligent Electronic Device (IED).

Client Permission Restrictions

This scripting function has no Client Permission restrictions.


system.iec81650.cancel(deviceName, mapParams)


StringdeviceNameThe name of the configured IEC 61850 device.
PyDictionarymapParamsControl parameters dictionary that requires the following keys to be specified: name, T, orCat, orIdent, Check, and Test. These keys must match the params from the select function. If you do not know the required key value pairs, they can be found using the getControlParams function.


No return value.


Gateway, Perspective Session

Code Examples

Example #1
# This example cancels the selected control

mapParams = {'name': u'SSSA_52AFA_FPRCTRL/CBCSWI1.Mod', 'T':1 'orCat': 0, 'orIdent': u'not-supported', 'Check': 0, 'Test': False}"IEC61850", mapParams, 1)

# after the select function was applied, cancel if not needed.
system.iec61850.cancel("IEC61850", mapParams)


iec61850 cancel system.iec61850.cancel