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Version: 7.9

Verifying a User Source

Inductive University

Verifying an Authentication Profile

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You can verify that a user exists in a given User Source, if the password is correct, what roles a user has, and any other information added about the user.

To Verify a User

  1. Go to the Configure section of the Gateway.

  2. Choose Security > Users, Roles from the menu on the left. The User Sources page is displayed.

  3. Select the Verify an Authentication Profile link.

  4. The Verify Authentication Profile window will appear. Choose a Profile from the dropdown list. Enter a Username and Password. Click Test Login. Ignition will test the credentials then display the results of the validity test.

If the Login is incorrect, an error message will appear stating that the Login failed for a specified user. If the Login is correct, a successful message will appear for a specified user along with their information.