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Version: 7.9

Mobile Module

Mobile Manufacturing

Access Control Systems on Mobile Devices

Get mobile access to your control system via an iPhone, iPad, Android and other smartphones and tablet devices. The Ignition Mobile Module gives you instant access to any HMI / SCADA project created with the Ignition Vision Module.

Mobile Control System

Access control systems on the go and interact with real-time manufacturing production monitoring, efficiency and downtime data. Get instant, easy data visualization with custom graphical executive dashboards. Easily interact with your control system using any smartphone or tablet device that is equipped with a modern web browser.

No App Installation Required

With the Ignition Mobile Module installed on your central Ignition Gateway server, a supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA) can be accessed by cell phones, mobile tablets or PDAs with a modern web browser and WIFI connection. Wireless devices display and interact with the same real-time data that is viewed on the manufacturing plant floor.

Data Security

SSL encryption can be enabled to provide enterprise-grade SCADA security for mobile devices. Sensitive data like log-in credentials are always securely encoded when using a cell phone or wireless tablet, even without SSL encryption turned on. Ignition's flexible role-based security allows mobile projects to authenticate using various sources, such as Active DirectoryTM.

Easy Implementation

The Ignition Mobile Module launches standard Ignition Vision Module projects on mobile devices. This means that existing HMI / SCADA screens can be launched as-is without any redevelopment. Mobile-optimized control system projects can be created using the familiar, powerful component set provided by the Ignition Vision Module software.

Want to learn more?

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