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Version: 7.9

WebDev Module

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Use Web Services in Ignition

Host a Web Page on an Ignition Gateway

This module allows users to directly program against the web server inside the Ignition Gateway. Web pages can be built by hand using a combination of python programming and static web resources such as images, css files, javascript files, and html files. Design and host custom web pages directly against the Ignition service.

Configure Custom Web Service Calls

External systems can interact with the Ignition service through web service calls using the WebDev module. Allow SAP and ESP systems to request data directly from Ignition by developing a custom, full-fledge, API.

More information on the WebDev module can be found on the WebDev page.

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Barcode Scanners and Web Enabled Devices

Many newer barcode scanners are web-enabled and don't use serial ports to connect. For these types of scanners you can use the WebDev Module to write whatever connect functions that you need. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for connecting to various mobile devices.