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Version: 7.9

OPC COM Module

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Connect to Legacy Devices

The OPC-COM module offers Ignition the ability to connect to legacy ("classic") COM-based OPC-DA servers. It supports OPC-DA 2.0 and 3.0.

Connectiong to Classic OPC Servers

With the OPC-COM module installed, there will be a new option for COM-based OPC servers when creating a server connection in the Gateway. The OPC-COM module is primarily inteded for use with local OPC servers, although it also provides basic support for remote connections.

Even when connecting locally, the application may run into the traditional difficulties of connecting to Windows based OPC servers. DCOM security settings on the machine can interfere with connections, and the OPC Core Components package (from the OPC Foundation) must be properly installed before connections can be established.

Using Data from Classic OPC Servers

After a connection to a server has been defined, the server will appear along side of other OPC servers (both COM and UA based) in the OPC Tag Browser. You can use these tags like any others - bring them into Ignition's Tag Browser, use them in Transaction Groups, and so on.