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Version: 7.9

Changing Gateway Memory Allocation

Inductive University

Changing Memory Allocation

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You can change the amount of memory (RAM) dedicated to the Gateway service by editing the Ignition configuration ignition.conf file.

Go to the Status page, Systems > Status section of the Gateway to see the current status of the Memory (used/max) – how much memory is being used and the maximum amount of memory allocated.

It is always important to know how much memory is available for your system. We recommend at least 4GB (4096MB) on a production server, but a test installation can get away with half that or less. If you have other programs that may take all of the memory (and starve Ignition), then you might want to increase the Initial Heap Size too. Or better yet, move those programs to a different computer.

To Change the Memory Allocation

  1. Go to the install directory and find the ignition.conf file.

    Windows OS: this is typically found at Program Files > Inductive Automation > Ignition > data. Linux based OS: the file can be found at /etc/ignition

  2. Open the ignition.conf file and scroll halfway down to Maximum Java Heap Size (in MB).

    " "

  3. Change the max memory value to whatever you would like. Keep in mind that the value is in Megabytes. For example, to set the Gateway to use 4GB of memory, change to

  4. Save the ignition.conf file.

  5. Launch the Gateway Control Utility (GCU) and click Restart to start the service again. If there is not enough memory in the system, Ignition will not restart and you need to go back to the ignition.conf file and change the max memory to the lower number as before.

When Ignition is restarted, you can verify that the memory allocation is updated by going to the Status page, and select Systems > Performance to check the numbers shown for Memory (used/max).