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Version: 7.9

Changing Gateway Java Version

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Changing Gateway Java Version

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You can change the Java version that the Gateway Service is using by editing the Ignition configuration ignition.conf file. Go to the Status page, and select the Systems > Overview section of the Gateway to view the current Java version you are running.

To Change the Java Version

Here is how you can change the current Java version:

  1. Go to the install directory and find the ignition.conf file. On a computer running Windows OS, this is typically found at Program Files > Inductive Automation > Ignition > data.

  2. Open the ignition.conf file and scroll down to the wrapper Java Properties section.

  3. Find the line of code that starts with the following:

  4. Change the path to the new location of your java.exe file. If you are not sure where you have java installed, you can search your computer for "java.exe" For example, if you see this: Files/Java64/bin/java.exe but your java is in the jre8 folder, then you can change it to: Files/Java/jre8/bin/java.exe

  5. Save the ignition.conf file.

  6. Launch the Gateway Control Utility (GCU) and click Restart to start the Service again.

After Ignition is restarted, you can verify that the Java version is updated by going back to the Status page, selecting Systems > Overview to see the Java Version you are now running.


If upgrading to Java 9, the ignition.conf file needs to be modified to comment out a specific parameter: CMSPermGenSweepingEnabled which is located under the Additional Parameters section. If the line is not commented out, then the Gateway will be unable to start.

This can be accomplished by placing a # character in front of the line, or by removing the line entirely, saving the file, and starting the service.

Note that as of Ignition version 7.9.6+, Java 9 is now officially supported. As a result, the CMSPermGenSweepingEnabled parameter will automatically be commented out by upgrading to Ignition 7.9.6 or greater when using Java 9.

Java 9 is the maximum version allowed.