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Version: 7.9

Connections - EAM


The EAM Agents page shows a list of all the currently configured Agent, including information on the connection status. Agent can be organized into groups, allowing you to group agents by location or agent function. If no groups exist, all Agents will be in the Default Group.

Connections list with EAM

EAM Agents Page

The EAM Agents page contains some useful information about all of your Agent connections.

EAM Agent Connections

EAM AgentsNumber of connected agents out of the number of configured agents.

Default Group and All Groups

GatewayName of the Agent
EditionIdentifies a Standard vs Edge Gateway. Edge edition shows "edge", and if it's a Standard Gateway, this field is left blank.
StatusCurrent status of the Agent connection.
Last CommDate and time recorded for the last communication with the Agent.
Last EventName of the event last recorded with the Agent.
Event DateDate and time recorded for the last occurring event with the Agent.

Connections EAM Page