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Version: 7.9


Your Gateway at a Glance

The Status tab provides both an 'at a glance' overview of all of the systems in your Gateway, while also giving you the ability to drill down into specific systems and get a more in depth view of what is currently happening in your system.

When first opening the Status tab, you will be taken to the Overview page. This page provides an overview of all Ignition systems, while also acting as a launchpad to all other sections in the Status tab. The pages in the Status tab are built around the idea of quickly drawing attention to problem areas by highlighting them. As you can see, this gateway has a faulted database and a faulted OPC Connection. The pages in the Status tab also allow you to 'drill down' into sections to see more information. Most objects can be clicked on, like the faulted database and OPC connection. Clicking either of these will take you to the appropriate section, allowing you to quickly find out what is wrong with a particular system.

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The Status tab also displays a search bar at the top left of each page. This search bar allows you to type in a word or phrase, and it will list all appropriate pages in both the Status and Configure tabs to easily find all pages related to a specific system.

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