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Version: 8.1


This function is used in Python Scripting.


Inserts a record into an audit profile.

Client Permission Restrictions​

This scripting function has no Client Permission restrictions.


system.util.audit([action], [actionTarget], [actionValue], [auditProfile], [ actor], [actorHost], [originatingSystem], [eventTimestamp], [originatingContext], [statusCode])


StringactionWhat happened. Default is null. [optional]
StringactionTargetWhat the action happened to. Default is null. [optional]
StringactionValueThe value of the action. Default is no value. [optional]
StringauditProfileWhere the audit record should be stored. Defaults to the project’s audit profile (if specified), or the Gateway audit profile if calling in the Gateway or Perspective Session scope. [optional]
StringactorWho made the change. Will be populated automatically if omitted, assuming there is a known user. [optional]
StringactorHostThe hostname of whoever made the change. Will be populated automatically if omitted. [optional]
List[String], StringString]originatingSystem
DateeventTimestampWhen the event happened. Will be set to the current time if omitted. [optional]
IntegeroriginatingContextWhat scope the event originated from: 1 means Gateway, 2 means Designer, 4 means Client. Will be set automatically if omitted. [optional]
IntegerstatusCodeA quality code to attach to the object. Defaults to 0, indicating no special meaning. [optional]




Gateway, Vision Client, and Perspective Session.

Code Examples​

Example #1
# All of the parameters are optional, so you're free to only provide parameters you're interested in.
# In the very least provide just the action you wish to record, which gives the function a chance to look up all of the other parameters automatically.
system.util.audit("The user did a thing!")
Example #2
# Simple example just showing parameter usage.
myAction = "The button was pressed"
myTarget = "My Button"

system.util.audit(action = myAction , actionTarget = myTarget )


system util audit, util.audit