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Version: 8.1


This function is used in Python Scripting.


Sends an SMS message.

Client Permission Restrictions

This scripting function has no Client Permission restrictions.


system.twilio.sendSms(accountName, fromNumber, toNumber, message)


StringaccountNameThe Twilio account to send the SMS from.
StringfromNumberThe outbound phone number belonging to the Twilio account to use.
StringtoNumberThe phone number of the recipient.
StringmessageThe body of the SMS.




Gateway, Vision Client, Perspective Session

Code Examples

Code Snippet
# Send an SMS message.
# Fetch the Twilio account name.
# getAccounts() returns a list, so the "[0]" operator is referring to the first item in the list.
account = system.twilio.getAccounts()[0]

# Fetch the first number associated with the account.
fromNumber = system.twilio.getPhoneNumbers(account)[0]

# Fetch a specific user's contact information.
# A static value is used below, but system.user.getUser() could be used to retrieved a user's phone number.
toNumber = "+19165550101"

# Define the text message.
# A static message is used below, but multiple messages could be stored in a database table and retrieved here.
textMessage = "This is the body of a text message"

# Send the message.
system.twilio.sendSms(account, fromNumber, toNumber, textMessage)


system twilio.sendSms, twilio.sendSms