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Version: 8.1

Vision - Week View

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Displays a full week's worth of events on a calendar. Configuration is achieved by populating the Calendar Events dataset. See the Vision - Day View component for details.


PropertyDescriptionProperty TypeScriptingCategory
24 Hour FormatWhether or not to show 24 hour or 12 hour format.boolean.twentyFourHourAppearance
BorderThe border surrounding this component. Options are No border, Etched (Lowered), Etched (Raised), Bevel (Lowered), Bevel (Raised), Bevel (Double), and Field Border.
Note: The border is unaffected by rotation.

Changed in 8.1.21
As of 8.1.21, the "Button Border" and "Other Border" options are removed.
Calendar Background ColorThe color of the calendar's background. Can be chosen from color wheel, chosen from color palette, or entered as RGB or HSL value. See Color Selector.Color.calendarBackgroundAppearance
Calendar eventsContains the calendar events.Dataset.eventsData
CursorThe mouse cursor to use when hovering over this component. Options are: Default, Crosshair, Text, Wait, Hand, Move, SW Resize, or SE
DaySet the calendar's
Day Outline ColorThe color of the day's outline. See Color Selector.Color.boxOutlineAppearance
Event FontThe font for all calendar events.Font.eventFontAppearance
Grid marksSet the amount of grid
Hour FontThe font for the hour of the day.Font.hourFontAppearance
Hour Foreground ColorThe foreground color for hours in a day. See Color Selector.Color.hourForegroundAppearance
Hover Background ColorThe background color of the hovered day and time. See Color Selector.Color.hoverBackgroundAppearance
Hovered DayThe calendar's hovered day.String.hoveredDayData
Hovered EventThe calendar's hovered
Hovered TimeThe calendar's hovered time.String.hoveredTimeData
MonthSet the calendar's
Mouseover TextThe text that is displayed in the tooltip which pops up on mouseover of this component.String.toolTipTextCommon
NameThe name of this component.String.nameCommon
Non-Working Hours Background ColorThe background color for the non-working hours of the day. See Color Selector.Color.nonWorkingHourBackgroundAppearance
QualityThe data quality code for any Tag bindings on this component.QualityCode.qualityData
Selected Background ColorThe color of the selected day's background. See Color Selector.Color.selectedBackgroundAppearance
Selected DayThe calendar's selected day.String.selectedDayData
Selected EventThe calendar's selected
Show Event Time?Whether or not to show the event time.boolean.showEventTimeAppearance
Show Weekend?Whether or not to show Saturday and Sunday.boolean.showWeekendAppearance
StylesContains the component's styles.Dataset.stylesAppearance
Today's Background ColorThe color of the today's background. See Color Selector.Color.todayBackgroundAppearance
VisibleIf disabled, the component will be hidden.boolean.visibleCommon
Week Day Background ColorThe color of the week day's background. See Color Selector.Color.weekDaysBackgroundAppearance
Week Day FontThe font of the week day's text.Font.weekdayFontAppearance
Week Day Foreground ColorThe color of the week day's text. See Color Selector.Color.weekDaysForegroundAppearance
Working End HourThe end hour of a working
Working Start HourThe start hour of a working
YearSet the calendar's
ZoomZooms into the specified zoom time range.boolean.autoZoomAppearance
Zoomed End HourThe end hour zoomed
Zoomed Start HourThe start hour zoomed

Deprecated Properties

PropertyDescriptionProperty TypeScriptingCategory
Data QualityThe data quality code for any Tag bindings on this


Component Functions

This component does not have component functions associated with it.

Extension Functions

This component does not have extension functions associated with it.

Event Handlers

Event handlers allow you to run a script based off specific triggers. See the full list of available event handlers on the Component Events page