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Version: 8.1

How To Restrict Acknowledgement on the Vision Alarm Status Table Component

Security for Alarm Acknowledgement

If you want to restrict who can use the Acknowledge button, there is the Show Ack Button in the Property Editor that can be set to 'False.' By setting the Show Ack Button to 'false,' this hides the Acknowledge button on the Alarm Status Table.

In order for operators to acknowledge alarms, the correct permission must be assigned. This example shows how to set permissions to acknowledge alarms for users in the Operator role. You can setup permissions for any role, user and user source in your system.

  1. Select the Alarm Status Table component, and click the Show Ack Button binding icon to open the Property Binding window.
  2. Under Property Binding Type, select Expression.
  3. Click the Function icon and scroll down to Users, and select 'hasRole.' This enters the function name.
  4. Edit the expression to read: hasRole("Operator")
  5. Click OK.

If you currently have the "Operator" role you will notice that the Show Ack Button property is now 'true,' otherwise, it will be 'false.'