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Version: 7.9

Realtime Group

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Realtime Group

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Using transaction groups to update specific rows in a database is an easy way to expose OPC data to systems that cannot access OPC server but can query a SQL database.

To update the first row in a database

  1. Create a new Standard group and drag your OPC tags into the Basic OPC/Group Items area.
  2. On the Action tab, select the appropriate Timer, Data source, Table name, and other various settings.
  3. In the Table action area of the Action tab, select update/select, and first which will continue to update the first row of the database according to the timer.
    To update a specific row rather than the first row in the database, select the custom or the key/value pairs options.
  4. Select the group, click Enabled and save the project to start the group.

The transaction group will only write the values that have changed to the database thus reducing the overhead.