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Version: 7.9

Block Group

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Block Group

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The Block group is a type of transaction group that stores data vertically. Whereas, a Standard group stores the information horizontally in a single row. Block groups share many of the same features as the Standard group. They can be bidirectional, insert into a database, or simply update the database. All the rows in a Block group are associated with a single database transaction therefore the process of writing to the database is very efficient.

To create a Block group

  1. Create a new Block transaction group.
  2. Drag a tag folder into the Block Items section of the new transaction group.
  3. Select the item in the Block group, right-click and select Edit.
  4. Change the Name, enter the Target Name to anything appropriate, and configure the remainder of the group settings under the Action tab.
  5. Select the group, click Enabled and save the project to start the group.