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Version: 7.9

View Audit Information

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View Audit Information

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Audit profiles store information into a database, you can then display that information in an Audit Log to see what information is stored. Here is a complete list of what information is captured in the Audit Log.

Information Captured in the Audit Log

Ignition Platform

ProjectsDesigner saves, project property changes, project setting changes, and deleting a project
Gateway NetworkSaving changes, creating/deleting an outgoing connection, and approving an incoming connection
Gateway - Email SettingsCreating/deleting a SMTP Profile, and editing/saving changes to an SMTP Profile
Gateway - Audit ProfileCreating/deleting an Audit Profile, and editing/saving changes to an Audit Profile
Gateway - User SourcesCreating/deleting, and editing/saving changes to a user source
Gateway - Managing Users in User Source (Hybrid Only)Creating/deleting, and Editing a Role.
Gateway - Security ZonesAdding/deleting, and editing/saving to a Security Zone
Gateway - Database Drivers - JDBC DriversCreating/deleting, and editing/saving changes to a JDBC Driver
Gateway - Database Drivers - TranslatorsCreating/deleting, and editing/saving changes to a Translator.
Gateway - Store and ForwardEdiing/saving changes to a Store and Forward engine
Gateway - Alarming GeneralSaving changes to Alarming General settings
Gateway - Alarm JournalCreating/deleting, and editing/saving changes to an Alarm Journal. Create/edit/delete notifications (email, remote Gateway, simple one-way SMS, Voip.
Gateway - SchedulesCreating a new schedule
Gateway - Realtime TagsCreating/deleting, and editing/saving a Realtime Tag provider
Gateway - OPC Client ConnectionsCreating/deleting, and editing/saving an OPC Connection

Enterprise Administration

Gateway - EAM SetupSetting the Gateway as either an Agent or Controller
Gateway - EAM Event ThresholdsEditing/saving changes to Event Thresholds
Gateway - EAM Controller SettingsUninstalling, and editing/saving changes to the Controller Settings
Gateway - EAM Agent ManagementCreating/deleting, and editing/saving changes to an Agent Group
Gateway - EAM License ManagementAdding/removing a license
Gateway - EAM Agent TasksCreating a Gateway task, and when a task runs (automatic, scheduled, or on demand)
Gateway - EAM Agent SettingsEditing/saving the Agent Settings

OPC UA and Devices

Gateway - Device ConnectionsCreating/deleting, and editing/saving a device connection. Editing/saving changes to Modbus Address Mapping (Modbus Driver), Aliased Points (DNP3 Driver), and Tag Import (Omron Driver)
Scripting - Device ConnectionsCreating/deleting a device connection. Disabling a device with system.device.setDeviceEnabled
Gateway - OPC UA Server SettingsEditing/saving OPC UA server settings

Tag History

Gateway - Historical TagsCreating/deleting, and editing/saving a Historical Tag Provider (Edge Historian, OPC-HAD Provider, Remote History Provider, Tag History Splitter)

Alarm Notifications

Gateway - Alarm NotificationsCreating/deleting, and editing/saving changes to an Alarm Notification Profile. Changes made to the Notification Profile Scripts (Voice Notification).
Gateway - Alarming On-Call RostersCreating/deleting, and editing/saving changes to an On-Call Roster.

System Functions



Login AttemptsLogin attempts


Managing Users in User SourceAdding/deleting, and editing/saving changes to a User. Creating/deleting, and editing/saving a Role.
On-Call RostersCreating/deleting an On-Call Roster.

There are a few ways to view audit log information: using a Table component, Database Query Browser, or the interface on the Gateway.

To Access the Audit Log with Table Functions

Since Ignition makes accessing data from databases seamless, it is possible to bind a data property of a table directly to database table. Alternatively, it is possible to access the contents of the audit log with table functions.

Once you have an Audit Log setup and attached to a project, you can go back to that project and see what information is in that audit log. This example uses the Table Functions to extract data from the Audit Log.

  1. In Designer, drag a Table component on to a window.
  2. In the Property Editor, click on the binding icon from the table's Data property.
    The Property Binding window is displayed.
  3. Select the Functions Binding Type.
  4. Select Functions from the various binding options.
    1. Binding Function, select the Audit Log from the drop-down menu.
    2. Audit Profile Name, select Audit or the name of your Audit Profile.
    3. Start Date, enter the appropriate start date.
    4. End Date, enter the appropriate end date.
    5. Polling Mode, select Relative.
    6. Select any other appropriate function options from the menu.
  5. Click OK.

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  1. Once you click OK, the table will populate with all the information stored in the audit log based on the Table Functions you selected. You can use the Table Customizer to configure how you want the table to look by reorganizing and hiding columns, making columns sortable, assigning meaningful headers, and much more.

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To Access the Audit Log Using the Database Query Browser

The Database Query Browser makes it easy to search your database tables to view audit information.

  1. In the Designer under the Tools menubar, select Database Query Browser.
    The Database Query Browser will open.
  2. On the right side of Browser window under Schema, will be a list of tables from the currently selected database. Double click on the audit_events table, and click Execute. The data from the audit_events table will appear in the Resultset 1 tab.

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Refer to the Database Query Browser to learn more about how it works.

To Access the Audit Log on the Gateway

Ignition provides a simple interface to view Audit Logs on the Gateway.

  1. On the Gateway webpage in the Configure section, scroll down to Security > Auditing.
  2. The Audit Profile page will be displayed. Select the Audit Profile where your information is stored, and click More > view log.

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  1. Choose the parameter settings if your looking for something specific, otherwise, enter a Start Date and End Date, and click Search.

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