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Version: 7.9

Tag Provider Security

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Tag Provider Security

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In addition to setting up security on individual Tags, Tag Provider Security allows you to limit the ability to modify Tags to only those users with specified roles. This can be extremely useful if you want to let many people use Tags in their projects, but not allow them to edit your Tag structure or Delete Tags. Tag Provider security is Role-based, and each Tag Provider has it's own role requirements. When using this security, we recommend you create a role specifically for Tag edits (ie: TagEditor or defaultTagEditor).

To Configure Tag Provider Security

Typically, the Administrator will identify what role(s) are required to modify Tags in Designer.

  1. Go to the Configure section of the Gateway webpage.

  2. Choose Tags > Realtime from the menu on the left. The Realtime Tag Providers page is displayed.

  3. Click edit to modify the realtime Tag Provider that you want to apply the roles to.

  4. In the Tag Editing Roles property, enter the roles that you want to grant permission to edit Tags. By entering roles, you block users without one of these roles from editing Tags in the Designer.

  5. Click on Save Changes.