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Version: 7.9

Upgrading Ignition


Upgrading from 7.6 or earlier?

Please read this upgrade guide: Ignition 7.7 Upgrade Guide

Choose your operating system for detailed instructions on upgrading Ignition.

Before you upgrade Ignition...

You should backup your Gateway, see Gateway Backups.

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Upgrading Ignition on Windows

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The Ignition installer also doubles as an upgrader, thus upgrading Ignition is very similar to downloading a new version and installing from scratch. You can see your current Ignition version by looking in the Status page of the Gateway.

To Upgrade Ignition on Windows

  1. Simply download the Windows executable installer from our website, and double-click on the executable installer.

    A window is displayed asking you Continue with upgrade?


    Make sure you download the 32-bit installer for a 32-bit Windows installation, and the 64-bit installer for a 64-bit Windows installation. If you attempt to upgrade a 32-bit installation with a 64-bit installer, or vice versa, you will get an error message.

  2. Click Yes to start the upgrade process.

  3. Accept the license agreement. The Upgrade Mode window is displayed.

  4. You choose either:
    No, just upgrade currently installed modules
    The Ignition base installation and the existing modules are upgraded.

    Or you can choose:
    Yes, let me choose which modules to add or remove
    The Select Components window is displayed and you can then add a module that was not part of the original installation or uninstall/remove a currently installed module. You can view a brief description of each module by clicking on the module name. Selecting the check box next to a module installs the module as part of the upgrade.Clearing the check box next to a module uninstalls the module during the upgrade.

  5. Click Next. The Ready to Install window is displayed.
    Ignition is ready to be upgraded. At this point, you may click Back to change your selections.

  6. Click Next to finish the upgrade. Once the upgrade process starts, it may take a few minutes to finish. At the end of the upgrade process, the Setup window is displayed letting you know that Setup has finished installing Ignition on your computer.

  7. Select the check box for Start Ignition now and click Finish.

A splash screen displays informing you that the Ignition service is starting. Once the Ignition Gateway starts up, your web browser opens and brings you to the Gateway Homepage.

You can go back and check the Status page of the Gateway to see that a new version of Ignition is now installed.

Automated Upgrading

You can silently upgrade Ignition from a command shell without showing any user prompts. Remember to make a Gateway backup before performing any type of upgrade. Also, the installer cannot automatically start the Gateway after a silent upgrade.

Use the net start ignition command as shown below.

Command line example
gwcmd -b C:\backups\mybackup.gwbk

Ignition-7.x.x-windows-x64-installer.exe --mode unattended --unattendedmodeui none --autoupgrade true

net start ignition


  • -- mode unattended (ensures that no prompts appear during installation)
  • -- unattendedmodeui none | minimal (the none flag does not display any sort of graphic during installation; the minimal flag displays a small progress bar and nothing else)
  • -- autoupgrade true (disables any Are you sure? prompts when running the upgrader so that a user can run an automated upgrade without any user interaction)