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Version: 7.9

Report Component - Page Object


Each report may consist of multiple pages. The Page component may be selected by clicking on a Page item in the Project Browser.

Pages are added and removed from the the menu bar at the top of the browser.

Menu ItemDescription
Add PageAdds a new page to the report after the currently selected page.
Add Page PreviousAdds a new page to the report prior to the currently selected page. A cover page may easily be added to a pre existing report by using Add Page Previous.
Remove PageDeletes the page that is currently visible in the main workspace.


FillIf true, the shape will fill its space with color.Stroke and Fill
Fill SelectedIf fill is selected, the color that will fill the shape.Stroke and Fill
OpacityHow opaque the fill color is, between 0 and 1.Stroke and Fill
Stroke StyleWhat style of stroke or border to use: Hidden, Shape Outline, Border, or Double. To learn more about stroke styles, refer to Stroke and Fill Properties.Stroke and Fill
StrokeDetails for the chosen stroke. Each Stroke has its own properties depending on the Stroke Style chosen.Stroke and Fill
HeightHeight of this shape in pixelsBasic Properties
WidthWidth of this shape in pixels.Basic Properties